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Personalised Portfolios

A key element of the service that we provide is that all of our clients are treated as individuals with each portfolio personalised to their particular requirements.

In all our services, the distinctive difference of the Global Wealth approach is our interest in the wider aspects of your life.

Whether we are building an investment portfolio or planning for the achievement of your financial goals, we recognise that financial decisions cannot be determined in a vacuum.

Our approach to investment portfolio management starts with the need to establish firm and clear goals for the future use of capital, which we capture in your personal Financial Plan.

We then build an investment strategy that takes into account, for example, your investment time horizons, your thoughts and views on investment risk, which records investment milestones and provides for regular reporting on your progress towards your objectives.

Only when your goals are clear can you make informed financial decisions that contribute to the achievement of those goals.

Ultimately, this gives you peace of mind about your finances because you know that your financial decisions are in balance with the other values and priorities in your life.

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