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Fifty is the new Sixty Five Thumbnail

Fifty is the new Sixty Five

When I arrived in Ireland in 2008 the Standard Fund threshold was €5.4M for pension benefits. Today it is just €2m with pension benefits accrued above this taxed at an effective marginal rate of up to 71%. However, post retirement fund (ARFs/Vested PRSAs for example) are not subject to the excess tax charge and therefore for many people getting the money out of the pension at age 50 is now the most logical strategy.

How safe is my pension? Thumbnail

How safe is my pension?

With the media once again full of stories of what can go wrong with Financial Products and Companies Its hardly surprising that one of the questions we are frequently asked is "where does my money actually go, and how safe is it?"

Physician heal thyself Thumbnail

Physician heal thyself

The GMS Pension is administered by Mercer and most Doctors and GPs will contact Mercer for advice on their retirement options. We believe that such an important decision warrants objective Independent Financial Advice.