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Chartered Financial Planners logo Dublin, Ireland GlobalWealth

Global Wealth

The Republic of Ireland’s Only Chartered Financial Planners, Providing Financial Planning Advice, Commission-Free Investment Management and Retirement Planning Advice

Get to Know Us

Dedicated to Providing Personalised Investment and Retirement Planning Solutions

Whatever your investing or retirement planning requirements; tax efficiency, environmental sustainability, taking care of your heirs or just the comfort of knowing you are dealing with an experienced professional, at Global Wealth we ensure that our clients receive a personalised service. 

As Ireland’s only Chartered Financial Planners, we collaborate closely with our peers in third-party accountancy and legal professional service firms to deliver unique and highly tax efficient solutions for our clients.

Since 2008, we’ve developed an innovative positioning in the Irish market, challenging the status quo of a largely commission-based product sales environment. We put our client’s best interests first and at the core of everything that we do. 

Our mission is to change the way people safeguard their long-term financial success by working together to create tailored solutions.

We achieve this by:

How Are We Different?

We don’t act as an agent of a product provider, selling financial products in order to earn commissions. We act as our client’s agents, with a personal letter of engagement in common with lawyers and accountants. We are different because we always approach the advice process with the client’s needs at the centre, focusing on improving after tax returns, developing solutions in-house as well as outsourcing in order to solve complex problems for investors.

Whether You’re An

Accountant Dublin, Ireland GlobalWealth


Tax Consultant Dublin, Ireland GlobalWealth

Tax Consultant

Lawyer Dublin, Ireland GlobalWealth


Private Investor Dublin, Ireland GlobalWealth

Private Investor

Looking for objective commission-free investment or retirement planning advice for your client or for yourself. 

We offer a tailored approach to financial planning and aim to provide you with a solution that is best suited to your unique circumstances. We look forward to learning more about you.

Discover Our Solutions

Helping You Turn Your Financial Vision

Into a Reality

The Root of Who We Are

Global Wealth traces its history to 2008 when our founder, Marc Westlake, developed a commission-free financial planning business in Dublin.

Our philosophy has always been client-focused, innovative and embodies a willingness to challenge the status-quo. When it comes to investment planning, we’ve always been clear that keeping costs and taxes down is more important than trying to “beat the market”.

Integrity is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.

- C.S. Lewis

Meet Our Team

Your Partners in Financial Planning

Your Global Wealth Team

Investment Team Photo Investment Team Hover Photo

Investment Team

Investment Team
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Launched in 2010, PortfolioMetrix was designed and developed to challenge the old order of investment services available to financial advisers and their clients. We provide world class investment management with world class technology. Partnering with PortfolioMetrix frees up our time, allowing us to focus on the bigger business picture and take the pressure off worrying about investment management and administration, performance and reporting.

See more here

Gerry Murphy Photo

Gerry Murphy

Chartered Accountant, Chairman
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Gerry Murphy FCA, CFP®

Chartered Accountant, Chairman

Gerry has tremendous experience in industry and financial services and his career as a Chartered Accountant began with Arthur Andersen before entering the financial services. Gerry established the Irish investment management and banking operations of Hypovereinsbank for over ten years before joining Intel as Assistant Treasurer. He also joined the Jacob Fruitfield Group as Group Finance Director as part of the management buy-in team, following the purchase of the Irish FMCG brands of Nestle and Danone.

In addition to being a Chartered Accountant, Gerry is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. He is an independent, non-executive director of a number of internationally owned Irish entities in the banking and insurance industries and is immensely proud of the work he assists his clients with.

Marc Westlake Photo

Marc Westlake

Chartered Financial Planner, Managing Director
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Marc Westlake CFP®, TEP, APFS, EFP, QFA

Chartered, Certified & European Financial Planning Professional™, Registered Trust & Estate Practitioner, Managing Director

Since 1994, Marc has worked as an Independent Financial Planning Consultant and is a specialist in portfolio management, pensions, tax and estate planning. He works hard to provide the very best service for his clients and is tenacious about keeping them on track to achieve their goals. 

Marc moved from the UK in 2008 and is the first Chartered Financial Planner in the Republic of Ireland. He is a proud member of the Chartered Insurance Institute and Personal Finance Society in the UK, having been awarded the Advanced Diploma in Financial Planning. In addition to his membership of the Life Insurance Association, Marc is also a registered Trust & Estate Practitioner and member of the prestigious Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners. Working closely with estate planning lawyers allows Marc to assist clients in successfully managing their wealth transfer to the next generation. 

Marc earned his bachelor’s degree in economics, politics and American studies from Leeds and Pennsylvania State Universities. An advocate of continued education, Marc was awarded first class honours in the post-graduate diploma in financial planning from the Institute of Bankers/UCD. This led to him obtaining the internationally recognized distinction of CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™. 

A co-founder of the Society of Financial Planners in Ireland, Marc lectured the Diploma in Investment and Capital Markets at Dublin Business School and is an Associate Faculty Member for the National College of Ireland Diploma in Personal Financial Planning.

Schedule a Meeting With Marc

Jacki Conway Photo

Jacki Conway

Chief Operations Officer
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A highly experienced Operations & Services Delivery Manager, Jacki led strategy, organisational change and transformation as well as support services delivery at Barnardos Ireland for over 15 years, following 19 years' in financial analysis, consultancy and HR at IBM Ireland Ltd. 

Jacki is a committed, delivery-oriented Professional with proven negotiation, people and change management abilities demonstrated over a career of achievement across diverse roles. She joined us as COO in 2021

Ray McNicholas Photo Ray McNicholas Hover Photo

Ray McNicholas

Brand Ambassador
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Ray McNicholas is a Qualified Financial Adviser with over 20 years experience of working with clients- particularly in the area of investments and wealth management. Ray graduated with a BComm from UCG in 1980 and worked with a charity for 10 years before entering the financial services industry. 

A proud Mayo man, Ray is an avid GAA supporter and loves to read.

Ray McNicholas is a Qualified Financial Adviser with over 20 years experience of working with clients- particularly in the area of investments and wealth management. Ray graduated with a BComm from UCG in 1980 and worked with a charity for 10 years before entering the financial services industry. 

A proud Mayo man, Ray is an avid GAA supporter and loves to read.

Ruairí Quinn Photo

Ruairí Quinn

Certified Financial Planner
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Ruairi Quinn CFP, QFA, RPA

A Certified Financial Planner and Qualified Financial Adviser who has wide ranging experience of working in the financial services industry.

 Educated in Dublin in CBC Monkstown & UCD, Ruairi is currently completing a master’s degree in Financial Services with UCD.

Ruairi has worked in the financial service industry for 15 years, and has worked for some of the biggest banks and Life Assurance companies in Ireland 

In addition to holding Certified Financial Planning status, Ruari also holds his Retirement Planning Advisor (RPA) designation from the Life Assurance Association of Ireland

Ruairi’s experience and skills working across different sectors in financial services enable him to bring a holistic approach to a client’s financial needs and help clients with multiple financial needs.

Ruairi has a strong interest in aviation and has committed to undertake his private pilot’s license

John McNicholas Photo

John McNicholas

Certified Financial Planner and Head of Ethical Financial
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John McNicholas

John heads up our Ethical Financial business which we acquired in May 2020 and he has particular expertise in socially responsible and ethical investing strategies. 

John is a Qualified Financial Adviser who has taken over the management of Ethical Financial from his father, Ray.
Educated in Dublin in Gonzaga College & Trinity College, John also completed a master’s degree in the London School of Economics in 2010.

He is a Certified Financial Planner Professional TM CFP®

Prior to working in financial services, John worked as a Social Worker and with the ISPCC.

John’s experience and skills enable him to bring a unique perspective to identify and address the financial needs of clients. John is a huge sports fan and played League of Ireland football for a number of years.

Andrew Reeves Photo

Andrew Reeves

Chartered FCSI, Certified Financial Planner™ & Chartered Financial Planner
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Andrew Reeves MSc, FPFS

Chartered FCSI, Certified Financial Planner™ & Chartered Financial Planner

Andrew is a Chartered Financial Planner, Certified Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. Andrew provides a direct link to the UK in order to provide advice to Irish Residents with UK Assets and to UK Residents with a connection to Ireland.

Rebecca Scaife  Photo Rebecca Scaife  Hover Photo

Rebecca Scaife

Head of client services
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Rebecca Scaife joined us in 2016 and, as a mum herself, particularly enjoys working with young families and advising them on how best to use their financial resources.

Becky Wilson Photo Becky Wilson Hover Photo

Becky Wilson

Client Services
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Becky has joined us from Aviva where she worked for a little over 2 years

She is currently working on her QFA qualification

Matthew Nolan BESS, Msc

Private client administrator
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Matt joined us at the end of 2021. He has a Business Single Honours Degree and an Msc in Finance from Trinity College Dublin.

Financial Life Planning with Purpose

Guiding you on a path toward a sound financial future is our ultimate goal. By utilizing a team-based approach, we’re able to combine our experience to address your unique financial needs. As we assist you to articulate your personal goals and specific concerns, we’ll continue on a journey toward helping you achieve financial clarity, as well as the quality of life you desire for you and yours.

We use the following systematic consulting process to uncover your most important goals in order to design and implement appropriate solutions.

Our Financial Life Planning Consulting Process


During our initial meeting, we want to learn about you. This helps us identify the challenges you face in achieving all that is important to you. We’ll examine your current situation, the goals you would like to achieve and how we can maximize the possibility of achieving those goals.

Financial Life
Plan Meeting

We will present our diagnostic of your current situation and our recommendations for how we can bridge any gaps in order for you to reach your goals. This plan forms the foundation for all of our future work together.


When you have multiple investment accounts, it’s easy to become overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork you receive. During this meeting, we help you organize the details. We’ll also answer any questions you may have so that you understand exactly what is happening with your money.


These meetings, which we typically schedule at six-month intervals, provide us with an opportunity to review any major changes in your personal or financial situation. If these transitions mean that we need to make adjustments to your Financial Life Plan, we will do so. We’ll also review your overall progress toward your long-term goals using a Personal Benchmark, which relates to the returns you need to achieve in order to meet your goals and objectives rather than some arbitrary index like the ISEQ.

This meeting is also our opportunity to implement wealth management solutions that may be appropriate for your situation. We will present to you our wealth management plan at our first Regular Progress meeting so that we can prioritize those areas of greatest importance to you and then begin to address them systematically.

A guide to our ongoing progress review meetings can be found here

An Ongoing Relationship To Address Your Needs

This consulting process serves as our framework, but it is only the beginning. To ensure that your family’s most important financial issues are addressed as needed, we also serve as your Professional Wealth Manager.

In this role, we set the foundation of your financial house through your Financial Life Plan. Once this is in place, we address additional components of your financial picture as needed. With your personal wealth management plan to guide us, we focus on four broad areas of your financial life:

Ready to Get Started?

In accordance with your stated priorities, we will discuss these financial areas with you, make our recommendations and engage with appropriate specialist advisers as necessary. Over time, this allows us to implement a complete wealth management solution with you.

Learn About What We Offer

What It Means

to be a Chartered Professional

Our Public Declarations

When selecting a financial adviser to help you with your financial planning it can be hard to know where to start. Chartered status can be an effective way of narrowing your options down, as it provides an independent validation of the knowledge and standards that a person or firm have met. The Corporate Chartered Firm status is seen as being a mark of distinction in the financial planning sector, only awarded following an independent assessment by the Chartered Insurance Institute in London. Global Wealth is the only financial planning business in Ireland that has successfully achieved this distinction. We make a public commitment to upholding the highest standards of professional conduct. As part of that commitment to professionalism, our firm upholds a code of ethics that sets out the standards of behaviour required of people working for our firm.

Committed to Providing Service of the Highest Quality

What Sets a Chartered Financial Planner Apart?

  • Additional study and qualifications taken to obtain the status, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree with first class honours.
  • They must pass a variety of exams covering different aspects of financial planning.
  • Five years of experience within the financial services industry.

Our advisers also hold the Professional Designation: CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional in Ireland, giving our team exceptional capabilities when it comes to guiding you through the financial planning process. As Certified Financial Planner® professionals, we are bound by a code of ethics, which we apply for the work we do for all our clients.

What We Value Most


We are committed to pro-actively evolving our business and creating a better future for our clients in an ever-changing landscape. By embracing innovation and seeking out global best practice, we provide tailored client solutions to achieve the goals of our clients.


Connecting with partners, clients and each other drives long-term success. We can only ever achieve truly great things by working together, sharing the same vision and values.


Excellence is our passion. The quality of our team directly impacts the quality of our service.


We believe that Financial Life Planning is not just about providing the right advice but also about transforming that advice into reality. Delivering on our promises to our clients is key to our personalised service.


We believe in clarity about conflicts of interest and costs. We communicate with our clients and our team in a way that is fair, clear and not misleading.

Code of Ethics

Professionals You Can Count On

With Chartered status, we’re recognized as a firm with wider commitment to encouraging and supporting professional development, providing high standards of services and adherence to ethical good practice.

Get In Touch With Us

Tailored Solutions

Driven by Unique Circumstances

For Professionals

Solicitor Dublin, Ireland GlobalWealth

As a solicitor, you have your client’s best interests at heart when providing legal advice. Our New Matter review process ensures that this advice considers the relevant financial aspects of the legal advice for a new matter. What’s key is for lawyers to coordinate with financial professionals proactively to offer their clients comprehensive advice that best positions them for long-term success.

Examples Include

  • Specialist financial advice on divorce proceedings
  • Inheritance Tax planning
  • Helping families with succession and inter-generational planning
  • Investment strategies for high net worth families
  • Financial planning and investment services for personal injury claimants
  • Representing a client going through a liquidity event

What You Can Expect

  • A collaboration and partnership that focuses on the transformation of good legal results to great life results.
  • An efficient method of addressing the potential financial aspects of each new matter you’re involved with, by taking into account the important issues and facilitating referral where appropriate.

Accountant or Tax Consultant Dublin, Ireland GlobalWealth

As an accountant or tax consultant, your clients will often approach you for tax planning advice in relation to their investments and retirement plans. Our goal is to assist you to leverage our services to enhance the impact of your tax planning advice.

Examples Include

  • Assessing an investment portfolio for tax efficiency
  • A family business engaging in succession planning
  • Representing a client going through a liquidity event

What You Can Expect

  • Tax optimized investment and retirement planning and consulting, enhancing the impact of your tax advice.
  • Promotion of a collaborative, partner-driven service for your clients, focused on delivering benefits and services that address their needs.

Schedule an Appointment to Begin

Confidently Plan

for the Future You Envision

For Private Clients

Financial planning isn’t a one-off activity; it’s a journey which spans a lifetime, aligning your personal goals with your money.

We begin with the end in mind, and recognise that you cannot take your money with you.

Financial Life Planning is a process which joins together your money, your values and your personal goals. We don't actually believe that people generally have financial goals, but instead they have lifestyle goals that have financial implications.

For over 10 years, we’ve enjoyed building great relationships with our clients. We work with them year after year to keep them on track, assisting them to achieve all that is important to them.

We believe that two of the greatest risks in life include dying too soon and living too long. Our role is to assess these risks in light of your personal circumstances and develop a plan accordingly.

Through the main financial planning cornerstones of risk management, investment, retirement planning and estate planning, we work with you to build a plan that protects your wealth, your capital, your income, your livelihood and the lifestyle of your family.

We also specialize in working with foreign nationals currently living in or considering moving to Ireland, and in particular U.S. citizens and U.K. nationals.

Our Testimonials

What You Can Expect

  • A customised plan that includes clear, concise recommendations which have been developed in light of your current circumstances and in particular relevant tax legislation.
  • An understanding of the principals associated with the accounting, tax and legal systems that operate in Ireland and with respect to cross-border planning.
  • A commitment to regular progress meetings providing a forum to assist you to achieve the objectives set out in your plan with as well as any changes that may have occurred in the interim.
  • We offer an initial meeting at our offices at our expense. If our service isn’t right for you, it will only cost you your time to find out.
  • A minimum fee of €2,500 plus VAT applies to all plans. Additional fees may be payable for specific modules (see our costs for details), which can be added initially or over time.
    Financial Planning fees are subject to VAT.

Services We Offer to Our Private Clients Include

Scope of Wealth Management

Consultancy Services

Transparent Costs from the Start

Our aim is to always be doing the right thing for you and your finances. We take time to listen to you to understand your values, lifestyle goals and aspirations. Together we create a financial plan which evolves with you over time.

One of the greatest challenges we face when meeting with prospective clients is that we are totally upfront and transparent about all the fees that our clients pay. We have always disclosed Total Expense Ratios and Ongoing Fund Charges (when, until recently, there has been no legislative requirement in Ireland for our competitors to do so), we are able to quantify all custodian, trustee and transaction costs and we also reflect taxes and levies paid by clients in our progress reports. For a net of all costs analysis of a client's portfolio over 9 years please see here

We do not intend to arrange any contracts with product providers via a commission-based payment as our fees are agreed individually with each consumer via our letter of engagement.

For details of remuneration from Product Producers, see Our Remuneration.

“It's unwise to pay too much, but it's worse to pay too little. When you pay too much, you lose a little money - that's all. When you pay too little, you sometimes lose everything, because the thing you bought was incapable of doing the thing it was bought to do.”

- John Ruskin

Example: Typical ongoing charges for a taxable investment account of €100,000.

Typical rates for taxable investment account Dublin, Ireland GlobalWealth

Typical Life Assurance contract based on Zurich LifeSave Investment Bond fund specific informational booklet Dimensional World Equity Fund.
Typical Irish Stockbroker based on MiFID II ex-post cost disclosure document.
Note, there would be an additional cost of tax compliance meaning that our solution is unsuitable for small accounts (under €100,000).

Comparative data from the USA confirms that our fees are extremely competitive

In the UK,  based on a survey of 278 Personal Finance Society members in the summer of  2021. A typical annual fee is 1.87%pa. Clients of restricted advisers (not independent) pay on average an extra 0.28%pa

St James’s Place, Britain’s largest advice platform, charges an initial fee of 4.5%, and then 0.5% for ongoing costs. There will also be an initial product charge of 1.5%, and an annual product management charge of 1% (though this will be waved in the first six years for each investment). These charges don’t include fees for managing and maintaining underlying investments, or transaction costs.

Hargreaves Lansdown charges an initial 1% on the first £1m you invest, with a minimum charge of £495 if you receive telephone advice. Ongoing financial advice costs 0.365% annually. The fees are separate from any fund charges and investors are frequently pushed towards higher charging actively managed funds rather than cheaper passive alternatives.

For more details, please see our guide Demonstrating Our Value.

Schedule an Appointment to Begin

Aligning Your Interests with Unmatched Quality of Service

Financial Planning core Services

All our clients receive our core services. These ensure you are on track to reach your future goals and aspirations.

Financial Planning

Base Cost Plan
€500 plus VAT


Financial Personality Assessment and ReportComplimentaryN/A
Online Fact findComplimentaryN/A
Anti Money Laundering Identity verification ComplimentaryN/A

Lifetime cash-flow analysis

To define and help to meet your primary objectives

Family Risk Audit 

Comprehensive family protection analysis including review of your existing Life Assurance and income replacement policies and review of your employment contract

In all cases, our minimum fee for Financial Planning is €500 plus VAT


Optional Financial Planning Services

optional financial planning service

additional fee

Retirement Planning Strategies

Review of your current retirement provision for adequacy and tax efficiency including review of your current occupational pension scheme and recommendations for AVCs/added years
€200 per scheme
Debt analysis 

Review of your current loans and consumer debts
€200 per loan

Planning for school fees

Building a strategy to meet future school fees and higher education costs
€200 per child

State Pensions

Analysis of your current entitlements and recommendations for strategies to potentially improve State Pension benefits
€200 per client

Review of deferred Irish Defined Contribution Schemes

Consideration of adding to your current occupational scheme, remaining a deferred member or transferring to a Buyout bond or PRSA. Note additional fees are payable for international pension transfers and advice in respect of incorporation of a sole trader and or establishing an Executive Pension (see wealth management below)
€500 per scheme

Helping relatives into property

Helping children and or grandchildren to get a foot on the property ladder
€200 per purchase


Gifting money through the generations to provide rewards now and reduce inheritance tax
€200 per child

Wealth Management Services

Wealth Management Services

Additional Fee

Irish Estate Plan
Including family partnerships / Irish wills / enduring power of attorney and living wills/advance healthcare directives
€1,000 plus VAT
Irish Resident and Non-Domiciled Remittance Planning Strategies€1,000 plus VAT
US Citizens and US Planning Issues€500 plus VAT
Complex Pension Planning
Including International Pension Transfers to and from Ireland and analysis of Defined Benefit Pensions
€1,000 plus VAT

Tax Planning 

Arranging your savings and investments in a tax efficient manner
€1,000 plus VAT
Corporate Restructuring
Coordinating with tax consultants, lawyers and accountants as necessary to restructure your business for tax efficiency, succession, retirement and other planning relating to business as distinct from personal assets
€1,000 plus VAT
Charitable Gifting and Philanthropy
Turning your success into significance through the use of planned giving, donor advised funds or charitable foundations
€1,000 plus VAT

Please note that our minimum fee for Wealth Management is €2,500 plus VAT  see Terms of Business for more details.

For more details please see Our Remuneration.

Information & Insights

Our Publications to Improve Your Understanding

We provide detailed content on a range of issues to help you increase your own knowledge and understanding of complex financial planning issues in your own time and at your own pace.

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